Wednesday, May 8, 2013

See Ya Next Year- Kira's Blog!

All the am-bams (Student Ambassadors) at their end of the year BBQ

Farewell From Jeni!

Hey Everyone!

Well finals week is upon us! That means no sleep, lots of coffee, and lots of studying for nearly every student on campus. This se
mester I have two finals on Monday and two finals on Wednesday and I am home free! I am so excited for a break from school; even it is for only a week before summer classes start.

This summer I am taking 11 credits. I have a physics course, medical terminology, and pharmacology. I am very excited for my pharmacology class because I find that topic very interesting. I will also be spending many hours working at the local pharmacy. Summer classes can be stressful, but I like them because you are typically only focusing on one or two classes at a time rather than 4 or 5 like during the school year.

In between all my studying and classes I found time for other things too. We had our end of the year BBQ for ambassadors and we had a blast. We were lucky because we got it done right before the May snowfall hit! I also helped my friend Kayla out with school by allowing her to clean my teeth in the dental hygiene clinic. In between all of those things my computer also broke down: (I had to use the IT center on campus to get it fixed, but it taught me a valuable lesson to always back your information up onto an external hard drive so you still have access to it!

I also had to say goodbye to my roommate Jenny this week. She is moving back home for the summer. We have lived together for two years and spend a lot of time together so it will be weird not having her around. I am so used to her always being there to go shopping with me or to procrastinate from homework with. Looks like I will have to start getting used to not procrastinating from now on. : )

Well that seems to wrap up my semester. Now it’s time for some relaxation. Have a good summer and see you in the fall!

Jake's Last Blog!

Jake (Middle) and Student Ambassadors

Friday, April 26, 2013

Did Someone Say DUKE BURGER?

Hey Everyone-

 Finals week is fast approaching, so I have been super busy with completing final projects and studying for my exams. I have six cumulative finals that consist of everything I have learned in each class since January. I am a little nervous for a few of my exams, but since I am beginning to study ahead of time, I should be adequately prepared for them. This week has been a great week for me, I finished my spring dental clinic rotation and am now beginning my summer session of clinic ahead of time! I will be taking one summer class this year, but it only consists of clinic and no coursework or exams, I hope it will be more relaxing for me than this past semester has been.

The weather has also been warming up so I have been in a much happier mood than last week with all of the snow and rain! This weekend I plan to enjoy the weather by grilling out with some friends tomorrow and walking dogs on Sunday! Now that the semester is winding down, I am going to get back into an exercise plan and get back into shape. I enjoy running and going for walks outside, which is much easier now with warmer temperatures and some sunshine! Also this week, my supervisor from work decided to take the student workers in my area at the Admissions office out to dinner. She brought us to a restaurant in Eagle Lake, just outside of Mankato, MN. The place she brought us to is known for their famous “Duke Burger,” a two pound burger with a giant bun, cheese, bacon, and lots of toppings! Although I would have enjoyed eating one by myself (who am I kidding, I cannot even handle eating a regular burger in one sitting), we split it six ways and had a bunch of fries and onion rings. It was so delicious, definitely a great way to celebrate another year of working at the Admissions office.

I also found out that I will be able to work in Admissions as a tour guide again for the summer months, as well as help with class registration for Orientation programs! Needless to say, I will stay active and busy throughout the summer, but hope to enjoy some much needed rest and relaxation.

That is one BIG burger!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The End is Near!

Hey Everyone-

The semester has come to end really fast. My classes are coming to the end, all I have left is three tests during finals week. I got to register for my summer and fall semesters this past week and will be taking 18 credits next fall. Also, I get to apply to my major this summer which is really exciting!

There are many cool projects happening this summer. We are connecting a tunnel from the Memorial Library to the Centennial Student Union. They are also tearing down Gage Towers in June; the towers have served as residence halls for over 50 years. In addition there are many other miscellaneous events going on throughout the summer! Come down and visit us and enjoy a day at MSU!! Go Mavericks! 

Gage Residence Halls

Teaching One on One

Hey Bloggers!

Happy almost end of April!  I can’t believe the end of classes is only two and a half weeks away.  I’m not ready for the end yet!  I can’t wait for summer but I still have so much to get done before my summer can start, I would actually like a few more weeks of class.  (Whew, NEVER thought I’d hear myself say that before!) 

Can we take a second to discuss how this “spring” weather has been super gross?  I am doing my field experience at Mankato West High school and we had a SNOW DAY a few weeks ago.  A snow day…. mid-April….. Now, I won’t complain about the day off, but I’m not super okay with there being that much snow in April.  I was ready to bust out my shorts and flip flops by the start of February so this has definitely been way too long of a winter.  One thing I love about MSU, however, is that almost all the buildings are connected, so with this gross weather I really never have to go outside once I get to campus.  Score!

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of studying, work, lesson planning, and teaching.  The days are flying by because they are so jam-packed with things to do!  I am learning so much by being in the classroom.  I know I’ve said this in at least two previous posts… but I cannot wait to become a teacher!!  Everyday my love for chemistry teaching grows, I love it!  With my field experiences I have started to teach more and more lessons, so I’m becoming so much more comfortable and confident in my abilities as both a chemist and a teacher. (Thank goodness because I don’t know what my back-up plan would have been if I decided I didn’t like chemistry teaching after all… probably a professional fro-yo eater since that’s my second greatest passion in life after teaching..) =)

Well, I’m off to do more lesson planning.  Chemistry BINGO reviews for tomorrow, woohoo!!  Thanks for reading my blog!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Leading the Way

Hey Everyone!

The semester is nearly over! That means projects and exams galore. I have spent much of my time studying, as always. I also have been busy with things for Student Ambassadors. We had a campus wide volunteer activity called the Big Event last week. People could sign up in groups and then they were assigned to go do volunteer work at different locations. Unfortunately with the spring snow storm that came through we weren’t able to do any volunteering outside, so we stuck to indoor tasks. My group was assigned to clean at a homeless shelter in Mankato. It was nice to be able to give back and help out the community, even if it was a small gesture.

I was also nominated for a leadership award and attended a reception for my nomination. I received an award for my leadership within ambassadors. I am very grateful for my time spent as a leader in ambassadors and I am happy that I was able to contribute in such a way. I have learned a lot of things through being a leader and I suggest that everyone join some sort of recognized student organization!
Other than being busy volunteering and events I have made some time to do fun things for myself as well. My roommate and I took a break from studying to go to the mall, one of our favorite past times=). I also registered to take my pharmacy entrance exam, the PCAT. It is hard to believe I am so close to graduation and moving on to other things! That seems to be all for now.

Until next time!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Warm it Up...Please!


       Okay, this weather is getting out of hand!! I recently told the people I work with that when I get home after finals we’re going golfing whether the course is open or not!  This time last year it was consistently warm enough for shorts and t-shirts.  I am about ready to hop in my car and head south.  However, finals week is coming up extremely fast.  We only have 2 more weeks of class left!  I am just finishing up a large group project for one of my accounting classes so once this is off my plate it will be a big weight lifted.

       I’m going home for my sister’s confirmation this weekend so hopefully I get to see all my family!  I have so many little cousins but hardly ever get to see them which is no good.  I’m just hoping I don’t have to drive through the snow again until next December… or later!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Best Has Yet to Come; Kayla's Blog

Hey Everyone,

This past week has been extremely busy with work and school! On Tuesday I had a 10 page literature review paper due for my Clinical Seminar course. Each student was able to research a topic related to the field of dental hygiene and had to write a review upon at least 10 scholarly articles that they found. My topic was focused on diabetes mellitus and its relationship to periodontal disease. It may seem boring to most, but a lot of my family members have some form of diabetes and I wanted to learn more about what it would mean for me as a hygienist when treating these patients. I also gave a 15 minute presentation on Wednesday to my class about the topic of diabetes and how it pertains to their dental treatment. Now that those two big projects are completed, I only have a few exams and quizzes before finals weeks. What a relief off of my shoulders!

Aside from the chaos of school, I worked with New Student and Family Programs on Friday for Transfer student orientation. I specifically aided students within the College of Allied Health and Nursing to register for their classes for the fall. Unfortunately, it is my second to last program, and after next Friday, I will no longer be helping out with orientation. I usually work for orientation during the summer months, but due to taking a summer class this year, I will be unable to continue the job.

This weekend I was extremely busy as well. Friday night I had my pinning ceremony for Dental Hygiene. The ceremony was held in honor of the junior class on (almost) completing their first year of the program, and for the senior class to congratulate them for their completion of the program. My parents, grandparents and boyfriend, Anthony, all attended to support me. After the ceremony, we went to a local restaurant, Tav on the Ave to celebrate, as I received a scholarship from the Allied Health and Nursing Alumni Foundation!

Although I enjoy a busy schedule and like being on-the-go, I came down with an awful cold this weekend and have been resting. School has been very stressful because finals week is soon approaching, but I need to focus on getting some better sleep and eating properly, even though sometimes I feel as if I do not have time to each a decent meal. Sometimes it is best to take a little break from the busy life, and relax in order to avoid the “burn-out.”

Until next time,
Kayla (middle) and her parents at the pinning ceremony

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Only One Month Left!

Hello Everyone-

    The semester is almost done; there is only one month left. My classes are going by really fast. I think it’s because the classes I'm taking this semester are really fun! My classes have a lot of real life examples that are being used which really helps. 

    There are many construction projects happening on-campus this summer! They are connecting a tunnel from Memorial Library to the CSU. That will be really nice to have when it’s really cold outside!! They are also tearing down Gage Towers which has housed over 50,000 over the many years that it was open. There are so many different things that are in place which will make the University look so cool!!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hey Bloggers!

It’s FINALLY starting to feel like spring (well, not today, but that’s a different story)!  Woohoo!!!  I recently went on my first run of the season in shorts and let me tell you, it was magnificent.  I can’t believe there are only 3 and a half weeks of class left in the semester (plus finals).  Where has time gone!?!  Seriously.  My schedule has gotten absolutely insane recently.  I’m now doing clinicals for two of my classes, so I’m in the classroom for about 15 hours a week on top of all my classes and work.  Whew.  It’s been exhausting but I wouldn’t change it for a thing because I LOVE the opportunities I have to be working in the classroom.  I am learning so much.  Everyday I walk out of the classes I’m working in full of new insights and knowledge that I will take into my future classroom, it’s awesome.  I’m learning so much about teaching styles, techniques, classroom management, and even brushing up on my General Chemistry knowledge!  I know I say this all the time, but I’m seriously so excited for my future as a Chemistry Teacher, it can’t come soon enough!

In addition, with the end of the semester coming up all my other classes have gotten pretty busy as well.  Lots of tests, projects, and papers due before the final bell rings and summer vacation starts.  Sometimes I feel like Dorie from Finding Nemo when she says “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”, the semester is coming to an end soon.  Apart from studying and lesson planning I’m trying to find some balance by taking study breaks to do fun things with friends (like bowling in the Maverick BullPen) and of course lacing up those good ol’ tennies for some daily stress relief.

I hope everyone is enjoying this Spring weather and spending some time outside! =)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gettin' WILD with the Wild!

Hi Everyone!
It’s hard to believe that there is only about a month left of school! I had two tests this week, and don’t think I have another one until we get closer to finals week! Hopefully it will be smooth sailing until then.  Registration for next semester is coming up soon and I’m hoping to get into 3 online classes and only have 5 hours of class each week!
I finally signed a lease for an apartment for next year and will be living in University Square right across the street from campus.  It is very close, and it is located above a strip that has a Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, Noodles & Company, Leann Chin, and Coldstone.  Hopefully my bank account and metabolism hold up!
Last Monday I went to the Minnesota Wild game with Nick, Abby, and Katelyn, who all work in the Admissions office with me.  Even though they got slaughtered, it was still a lot of fun and a good break from school.  We got to sit in the first deck, and Katelyn achieved her goal of getting a picture with the mascot!
Jake Rabusch
Jake and his fellow Student Ambassadors at the Wild game.
(Left to right: Nick, Jake, Katelyn, Abby)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Get Lucky!

For posting 3/22/2013

Hey Bloggers!

Happy Spring Break for anyone who is on it now!  Luckily for you it is a little warmer and sunnier than it was a few weeks ago.  The rest of myspring break was pretty much the same as the first part I blogged about before; lots of sleep, relaxation, and of course some studying!  The Get Lucky half marathon was really fun, but really cold!  It’s crazy that last year it was almost 80 degrees on St. Patrick’s Day and this year it was FREEZING!

Since coming back from break things have been crazy and will continue that way until the end of the semester.  I started my clinical hours for one of my education classes last Friday and will start the hours for my other class on Monday.  I am seriously SO excited to be in the classroom teaching and working with the cooperating teacher and students. 

MSU is really awesome because starting in Block 1 they put you in the classroom, so by the time you get to student teaching you are really comfortable being in the classroom and teaching lessons.  I’m currently in Block 2, so I’m still doing a lot of observation hours but I also have to plan and teach at least 3 lessons.  Every day is a reminder of how much I love chemistry and teaching and how excited I am for my future!!!!  For any bloggers who attend the Mankato Area schools, I may get the opportunity to work with you!  Make sure you tell me you read my blog. =)

That’s all for now, keep thinking warm and snow-less thoughts! =)


Birthday Bliss

Hey Everyone!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy! Like always I have spent a lot of time working on stuff for school, preparing for exams, and working. With all of that going on it is sometimes hard to find times to breathe! Although I have been busy I have found some time to do fun things as well.

My roommate celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago so we went to dinner and then bowling with a big group of us. It was nice to do something different, and we had a great time. We also had a social event for ambassadors this week. A fellow tour guide named Katelyn planned an event at Buffalo Wild Wings for the tour guides. She even got prizes for the people who came. It was a lot of fun. I also get to go to a Phillip Phillip’s concert! I bought the tickets three months ago and I have been counting down the hours until the concert so I am super excited!!!

That seems to be all for now. Time to get back to studying!

Until next time,

Jeni and her roommate Jenny on her birthday!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Walkin' the Dogs

Hey Everyone!
Nothing much has changed since I returned from my spring break trip from Florida. The past few weeks I have had some midterm exams and projects due, and my clinical appointments are filling up. I have been busy with cleaning teeth, taking x-rays and making custom whitening -trays at the MSU Dental Clinic. Next year as new students to MSU, everyone should check out the clinic at some point during the year. We offer cleanings, x-rays, dental exams by a dentist, fluoride treatments and we even can perform certain fillings if you have cavities. The clinic provides services at low-costs compared to private practice clinics and we also accept many different dental insurance plans! It is a great opportunity to take advantage of, especially if you have to travel a long distance to get back to your clinic at home during the academic year!
Outside of class, I have been volunteering at the local animal shelter, Blue Earth and Nicollet County Human Society, or BENCHS. My boyfriend and I walk dogs most weekends on Sunday afternoons. It has been a great experience, not only do I get a little bit of exercise and fresh air, but the shelter dogs get much needed attention and playtime. I highly suggest walking dogs at the shelter if you are an animal lover, like the outdoors and want a highly enjoyable volunteer experience. The shelter has walking hours every week and weekend, all year round. If you are not into the outdoor scene, they also have opportunities to volunteer at the front desk or having some indoor play time with the animals.

Anthony and Kayla parasailing in Florida!
 I wish I could go back for a few more days to enjoy the sun and warm weather! =)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A great time to be a Maverick

Hey Everyone-

    I hope everyone is having a great week! This week has been extremely busy for me. Working in the Admissions Office as a tour guide we are getting busy with a lot more students attending are campus tours! It’s great to see students interested in the school that I attend!! Classes are over half way done. This semester has gone by so fast, but I'm ready for a break. I’m really busy with different exams and other projects that are due really soon.

    The University has had a lot more great Athletic events that we have attended these past few weeks. Last week we had the first round for the Men's Hockey against Nebraska which we won and made it to the first round of the Final Five in St. Paul, and the Men's Basketball made it all the way to the Sweet Sixteen which was held here at MSU!! It was a great time to be a Maverick!!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gettin' Back in th Swing of Things

Hey Everyone!

Well spring break has come and gone but I had so much fun! As I have been saying for the last three months we went to Florida. My friends and I drove there, 24 hours later we arrived! It was so nice to see the beach and be in the warm weather for a change. I enjoyed lying on the beach and taking in all the sun.

Now that spring break is over it is back to school. I have been busy getting back into my schedule and going back to classes. I have also spent a lot of time planning out my last year of school next year with all of my classes! It is crazy to think that I will be graduating and moving on to something new.

I have also spent some time keeping up with our athletics on campus. Our men’s basketball and hockey teams did really well this year but unfortunately they are out of the tournament now, so I filled out my NCAA bracket and I am hoping for the best with that!

Happy spring everybody! : )

Jeni (right) and her cousin in Florida over Spring Break

Monday, March 25, 2013

Catching Up With Jake


The first week back from spring break was a good one, and of course March Madness is the best time of year so no complaints in that department!  It seems crazy to think that we only have April plus a few weeks before we are done with another year already! Over spring break I got together with some high school friends, and did a good bit of studying for my accounting test which I had the Monday after break.  It is finally starting to warm up which makes the weather for giving tours a little bit more bearable!

Last Friday I had an interview with Northwestern Mutual for a financial representative internship.  It went pretty well, and now I am doing a presentation as the final step of the process on Friday to 4 or 5 people.  This would be a great internship for me because it is full time during the summer and part time during the school year.  It would be great experience and it would hopefully mean that I would have a job after graduation already lined up! That would relieve a lot of stress not having to go through the last few years of college which going through the job search process as well.
Have a good week!


Friday, March 15, 2013

Waiting for the Wild

Hello all!!

Well we finally made it to the last day of spring break! Unfortunately, I don’t get to go anywhere, so I get to hang around home and see some friends from high school for most of break.  The weather is looking a little warmer however so that is good.  I’m desperately waiting for the golf course where I work to open up; I miss the place!  I was able to attend the Open House in Brooklyn Park last week for admitted students.  We had a lot of fun and got to interact with many prospective students. 

As much as I am enjoying break, my accounting teacher missed a day of class and consequently had to push our exam back to the day after break.  These tests are some of the hardest ones I’ve ever taken, so that means I will be spending a large chunk of my time studying for that.  I’m hoping I can subdue my procrastination oriented brain for the week and actually get some quality work done!!  I get to go to the Wild game in a few weeks with Nick B. and some other people from work, and I’m looking forward to that! 

‘Til next time,

Dental Hygiene Clean

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is having an amazing school year so far! This semester is flying by; this week is Spring Break for us already. I worked in the Admissions Office all week, and hung out with the few friends that stayed in Mankato. We are getting busy again in the Admissions Office, it that time of the year again! The past couple of weeks were really busy for me because of mid-term exams and papers that were due.

I also got my teeth cleaned at the MSU Dental Clinic on Campus. I think it’s such a great resource that we have on campus. The students in the Dental Hygiene program clean your teeth and do a lot of other things down there also like x-rays, fluoride, etc. I think every student should help out this program and get your teeth cleaned on campus!!

Thanks for reading my blog!!

Marathon Madness!

Happy Spring break bloggers!!

It seems like a week ago that I was saying “happy start of the semester”, and now here we are at Spring Break!  Whew!  These past few weeks have been super busy with school and studying.   Mid-term time!  Glad those are over.  I am currently in my senior seminar for Chemistry (although I won’t graduate until next Spring) and last week I had my big research presentation.  It was really stressful up until last week, but now it feels SO good to have that huge project out of the way!  More time to focus on all my other classes now. 

So far my spring break has been super laid back and relaxing.  Last weekend was “Rock-n-Roll Revival” in my hometown and my twin sister came back home too so we could see it together.  It was such a great production!!!!  It’s put on once every two years and it’s one of my all time favorite things to go see!  I wish I could sing and dance so that I could have participated in it during high school.  Otherwise I have just been hanging out and trying to catch up on some sleep.  I make sure I do an hour or two of studying or homework a day, but apart from that I’m trying to take a break from all my school work!  =)  On Saturday I’m running another half marathon, which I’m really excited for!  It’s the “Get Lucky” half marathon in Minneapolis. 

Since coming back from Winter break I really haven’t trained at all, so I know it’s going to be my slowest half marathon time yet, but I’m really excited to kick start my Spring training with this race!  Also, since it’s St. Patrick Day themed I’m planning on running it in a green tutu!! =)  One item on my bucket list is to run a half marathon in a tutu (and one dressed as a princess) so I will be able to cross that off on Saturday!
I hope everyone enjoys their Spring break!  If you go somewhere warm feel free to bring the warm weather back with you! =)


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

23 Hours to Panama City Beach!

Hey Everyone,

       I am in the middle of a weeklong vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida! It is so nice to get out of the cold Minnesota weather and enjoy some sun. I came on vacation with a few of my best friends and my boyfriend. We are staying in a hotel right on the beach and c we get to enjoy the ocean view right from our balcony. I spend most of my time on the beach enjoying the sunshine and laying by the pool as well. I get to see Luke Bryan perform a concert which is located right on the beach!

       I wish I could stay longer, but unfortunately I have midterms next week to study for. The only complaint I have about the whole trip is the 23 hours of driving each way. Very boring! Haha! I highly suggest flying if you ever go on a long distance vacation. Well, we still have a few day of fun before we get back so I better get in the water, thanks for reading!!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Adios Minne-snow-ta, HELLO FLORIDA!

Hey Everyone!

       Well its official! Spring Break here! I have been counting down the hours until a break from school and I am so excited it is finally here. My friends and I are spending our spring break in Florida. We drove here in three cars and we have ten of us here all together. It is a great way to spend the break from school with some of my closest friends. We have been lying on the beach and we even made some time to go to concerts!

       The only thing I am not looking forward to is heading back to the cold in Minnesota. When we left there was a ton of snow on the ground so I am hoping there might be less when we get back. I also have to come back to exams after a weeklong break. It is nice to have a break from school however.

       Before we left for spring break I was busy with lots of things for ambassadors. One thing I got to do was go to an off-campus event at Edinburgh to meet prospective students. I went with Kira and Jake and we had a really good time!

Well time to get back to the beach! : )


Friday, March 1, 2013

The Panama City Beach Countdown starts... NOW!

Happy March everyone!

       I cannot believe how fast the semester is flying by! It seems like just yesterday I was relaxing on winter break and now I am seeing actual patients in dental hygiene clinic and it is almost time for spring break. Maybe the reason for the time passing by so quickly is because I have been so busy lately.

       School and work takes up most of my day, then I usually go to the gym for an hour, then home to eat dinner and study. The Admissions Office has been hosting many different Open Houses and Saturday Preview Days so I have also been very busy with tours the past few weeks. Hopefully all of you prospective students out there have gotten the opportunity to visit campus and learn what MSU is all about. My absolute favorite part about participating in tours and different prospective student events is talking with the students and their families. I love learning where everyone is from and why they want to attend school at MSU and become a Maverick!

       Although my life may seem very structured with work, school, studying and volunteering, I am counting down the last 7 days until I will be on my way to Panama City Beach, Florida for spring break! I know I mentioned it before, but I will be going with some of my friends for a week of relaxation. My parents are visiting this weekend, I feel extremely bad for not being home at all this semester, but I have been so busy and have not had a lot of free time lately. It will be nice to see them again, even though we talk on the phone every week, it is nice to be able to spend time with them in person as well.
For now,


Panama City Beach, FL (unfortunately I have not been there yet, photo courtesy of

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Layin' Down the Law

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone is having an amazing winter! We received so much snow last week but it was the nice fluffy snow not the heavy stuff. This semester is almost halfway over; I can’t believe how fast this semester has gone by. My classes are going so well, I really enjoy all the classes that I'm attending. My Law Enforcement classes are so interesting; we are learning how to deal with juveniles and victims.

I too attended the fundraiser for our former Student Ambassador President at Johnny B's last weekend. There were so many cool things to do. She is going on a mission trip again to help out people in another country. It was such a blast!

Thanks for reading my blog!


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maverick Mom Weekend

Hey Bloggers!

Happy midterms!!! I cannot believe we are halfway through week SEVEN already!  I feel like I say that in all of my blogs, but seriously… where has time gone?!  Don’t get me wrong though, I’m definitely not complaining.  The faster time goes, the sooner it will be 70 and sunny all day everyday!  My weeks have been pretty uneventful recently.  School is super busy so basically all I’ve done is go to class, work, and do homework.  Being really busy with school keeps me from being bored, though!  We have had lots of different open house events on campus in the past few weeks, so Student Ambassadors have been especially busy.  It’s so cool to see and the prospective students and their families on campus and to chat with them about their future plans.  I get so excited for everyone, I love it!!  We also have 10 new student ambassadors, which is AWESOME!!  Our group is growing to be a pretty big (and incredibly awesome) group!

My mom came and visited me last week, which was really great.  I never realized how much of a homebody I was until I moved away to college.  I hadn’t seen my mom all semester, which was the longest time I’ve gone without seeing her in AGES so it was great for her to come hangout with me in Mankato for a day.  We went to Mom & Pop’s ice cream shop downtown Mankato.  It was the first time I had ever been there but it definitely will not be the last!  It was so cute and the ice cream was delicious!  They had so many different kinds, it was so hard to choose which one I wanted to get!  So naturally I had to go with multiple scoops, each a different flavor. Then we hung out and watched the movie Pitch Perfect.  If you haven’t seen that yet, please watch it!  It was so, so awesome!  My new life goal is to join an acapella group.  I cannot sing to save my life, but I want to SO badly after seeing that movie!  It was a great day to just relax and spend some much needed quality time with my mom. =)

That’s all for now, have a great next few weeks!  Think a lot of warm thoughts for spring!!


Kira and her Mom in Maverick gear!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Keep Busy While Keeping Busy!

Hey Everybody!

These past couple of weeks have been packed with things to do! As always I have stayed busy with schoolwork and studying, but that is what college is all about. I had my exams in each of my classes these past two weeks so I have been reading material and studying all over the place. With my schedule being so hectic I try to find time to study between classes but I spend a lot of time studying at night. Caffeine and coffee are my new best friends! ;)

I also went to a fellow Student Ambassador’s fund raiser this weekend. She is going to Honduras for a mission trip to provide medical care there. She was really excited about it and I wanted to support her in her trip! There was food and prizes and it was a nice break from school. I went with two other bloggers, Jake and Nick, so it was fun to spend some time with them outside of work too.

I have also been busy applying for different scholarships offered through campus. It is a little bit time consuming writing the essays and getting references but it always seems to be worth it in the end. I am also counting down the days until spring break still! I cannot wait to lie on the beach and have nothing to worry about.

That seems to be all for now, time to get back to studying! : )

Jeni and Cristen at the fundraiser

Monday, February 25, 2013

A Little Bit of This & A Little Bit of That

Hey Bloggers!

Two weeks from spring break and we got six inches of snow overnight.  Isn’t it supposed to be warm over spring break? Either way I’m still looking forward to it.  I made a spur of the moment decision to go home this last weekend to see the new puppy we are getting, watch my brother play basketball, and help my roommate catch a bus back to his hometown.  Our old Student Ambassador President Cristen is going to Honduras to do some volunteer work and most of the current executive team went to an event on Saturday to help pay for medical supplies for the children they are helping out down there.

I seem to be having more tests this semester than I have in the past, but they are spread out for the most part which is good.  Word of advice, if you aren’t a morning person like me, avoid early morning classes at all costs and try to stay away from night classes too.  Neither option is extremely enjoyable if you ask me.  I’m also finding online classes to be a good change in the routine when taken in moderation.

Until next time, stay classy.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Free Money is the Best!

Friday February 15th, 2013

Hey Everyone-

The first month or so of the semester has been so busy for me! Not a whole lot has changed since I wrote last, but I am finally starting my clinic portion of the Dental Hygiene Program. My very first patient was last night. I am enjoying everything so far, it just takes a little bit to get used to, rather than only having lecture courses I can finally have hands-on application of the information I have been learning. Lately I have been swamped with school work and studying, I am trying to get ahead of my classes by working on projects and assignments before I leave for Spring Break in March. I am so excited to go to Florida and relax on the beach with my friends!

Another important part of my time lately has been applying for various scholarships offered through campus. MSU has many scholarships for students of all levels in their academic programs. I am applying particularly for scholarships offered through the College of Allied Health and Nursing and the Dental Hygiene Department. Some students do not think that it is important to apply for them because they don’t believe that they will receive any of the scholarships. I used to believe the same thing, why would someone choose me out of 50 or more applicants? Last year changed my perspective as I applied and was awarded two scholarships through the Minnesota State Student Association (Student Government). The awards helped me greatly with the costs of my hygiene instruments and supplies, as well as my textbooks for this whole academic year. I hope to receive a few more scholarships for next year in order to help me finish off my last year here at MSU.

My advice for all new, current or transferring college students: APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS! Many opportunities are available within the community, schools and organizations. The more funding you have for school for various things such as textbooks or supplies, the better off you will be!


Polar Bear PLUNGE!

Hey Everyone-

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe winter! The semester is going really fast! I can’t believe that I'm almost half way done with my college career. My classes are slowing down for assignment due dates finally. I was really busy there for a while. My favorite classes are going extremely well, and already I have had 2 exams and 5 quizzes!!!

We accepted 10 new ambassadors to our organization! It has been really fun getting to know the new ambassadors. This weekend is the Minneapolis Polar Bear Plunge!! I will be working it with the department that I work with doing all the transportation for the event! We are expecting to get four thousand plungers and raise over one million dollars!! It’s going to be a great event!
Until Next Time,


Chemistry to the 6th Power!

Hey Bloggers!

Week 5 already!  Boy is time flying by!  It’s hard to believe how fast the semester is going.  Things have been pretty low key the past few weeks.  I had my first big tests in some of my classes so I’m glad those are over with.  The first tests are always the hardest until you figure out how the professor tests, what to study, things like that, so it’s always a big relief when they are over! 
The coolest thing that happened to me recently though was an assignment I got to do for one of my education classes.  For the assignment I had to give a 10 minute lesson on something in my content area to a class of 6th graders.  Well, chemistry isn’t taught until high school, so I tried to teach the four types of chemical reactions in really basic terms.  To get the students to understand the material and get excited about chemistry I came up with some super fun ways to remember the four types of chemical reactions.  They involved strawberry banana smoothies, trail mix, brangelina/Jennifer Anniston, and square dancing.  How can you not love chemistry when it’s explained in those terms?!?!  Anyways, the coolest part about this assignment wasn’t the lesson plan, it was the students… It was a class of 6th graders, like I said, but they weren’t your typical 6th graders, they were virtual!!
 It was seriously some of the coolest technology I’ve ever witnessed.  It’s called a teachLIVE lesson and the students are produced out of the University of Texas.  They are projected onto a screen in a lab room and that’s how you teach them.  They are fully responsive and act just like real students though!!  It was SO cool!  I still don’t get how the technology works though.  Even though it was only a 10 minute lesson plan, I learned so much!  I’m so excited just thinking about it.  I can’t wait to get into a real classroom! 
That’s pretty much all the updates I have for now, I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day filled with lots of chocolate! :)


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Busy Me, Oh My!

Hey Bloggers!

Well this week has been full of exams as it is that time of year! I have been studying a lot so I am able to do well on all of my exams. I have also made time to relax and do things I enjoy, like watch movies and go to the mall. I have been buying stuff to get ready for spring break! I am counting down the hours until we go!

I have also been working on a lot of stuff for our organization Student Ambassadors. We just finished up recruitment and we added 10 new members to our organization! They went through training last week as well, so I was busy with the other executive members planning a scavenger hunt and other activities for the new members. It was a lot of planning but everything worked out in the end!

That seems to be all for now! Hope your school year is going well and as always watch out for myself and the other bloggers when you come to campus! :)


Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy February!!!

Happy February!

We’ve now been through about a month of the semester already, and time has really been flying by.  It feels like the semester just started, but I am already starting to have mid-term exams!  Spring break is right around the corner, and I’m hoping it warms up enough to open the golf courses back up! 

We recently had our interviews for new Student Ambassadors, and we have a good number of new members coming in this semester! I’m excited to meet everyone and get them trained.  Maybe one of them will be on exec board one day and take over my duties of blogging for you all!

As you probably know, the Super bowl was last Sunday, and some friends and I got together and made some really good food.  We had cheesy hash browns, homemade pizza rolls, and ranch/bacon/cheese dip for Ritz crackers.  Thankfully I was able to finish all my homework on Saturday so I didn’t have to think about any of it on Sunday!
Have a good week!!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living Life to the Fullest

Hey Bloggers-

I hope you have all been staying warm over these past few COLD weeks!  I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for it to be 70 and sunny again!!  The past few weeks have brought me great triumph and great sadness.  The start of the semester has been going pretty well- classes are super busy, as expected, but they are all super interesting so that’s awesome!  It’s always really cool when homework feels more like fun than like work!  Nothing like some good ol’ fashion chemistry fun, right??
The past weekend I raced my very first triathlon!!!  It was AWESOME!  I am a huge runner, as you may have guessed from my last post, but I just recently started training for triathlons to give my training some variety.  I crushed the run and the bike, but I’m not ashamed to say my swim was absolutely terrible.  Actually, it was beyond terrible… but I finished it!  And I learned to swim a week before the race, so I’ll accept just finishing for this race.   The triathlon was an indoor triathlon at Iowa State University and I went down there with the tri-team here at MSU!  It was so fun!  I’ll put a picture at the end of the blog of all of us after the race.

After my race things turned much more somber.  When I called my sister to tell her how it went I could quickly tell something was wrong.  It turned out that a childhood friend and classmate had passed away in a car accident.   After hearing this news I was in complete shock, I didn’t even know how to begin processing the hefty information I had just learned.  I had danced with Caitlin starting kindergarten through my senior year and she was an incredible friend with such a joy for life.  After getting back from ISU I went home to find some comfort (thankfully we didn’t have class on Monday so I was able to) and then returned home again later that week for the visitation and funeral.  Although there will always been a hole in my heart from now on, I have learned a lot through this loss.  It has taught me how precious life is and how every moment is a beautiful gift.  It has been a reminder to live every day to the fullest and take in all the joy and love the people around you have to offer.  So, go out and do something you have always wanted to do!  There is no better day than today!!

I hope you all have a great next few weeks- stay warm!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring Break Fever!

Hey Everybody!

Well the second week of school is officially over. Time seems to fly by so fast when I am busy with classes. This semester has been filled with class, work, meetings, and extracurricular activities but I wouldn’t have it any other way. With school keeping me busy it is hard to find any free time. This semester I have focused very heavily on setting specific times for everything I do. It may sound like my life is too planned out, but it is the best way I can find to manage my time. I still make time for myself though. I try to go to the gym everyday and use that as my relaxation time and break from school. With the free recreation center on campus it is nice to not have to worry about paying extra to have a place to work out. Plus all the machines have computers so I can surf the internet while I work out!

My friends and I also booked our spring break trip this past week! This is the first year I am doing something big for spring break so I am very excited. My five friends and I are going to Florida this year. We even got a hotel room with a kitchen so we can make our own food and our hotel is right on the beach. I am so excited that I am already planning everything now, even though spring break is six weeks away! The worst part about spring semester is that you go weeks without a break from school so planning for spring break gives me something to look forward too!

Well that seems to be all for now! And as always, keep an eye out for me when you come to visit campus! 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppy Love


I hope you have all made it through these arctic conditions and are now looking forward to spring as much as I am.  We are now past two weeks into the semester, and it is looking like it will be a good semester. I have one accounting class that will be extremely challenging, but I don’t think the other ones will be all that tough.  I’m hoping this will be my first semester where I don’t have to write a single paper, seeing that papers kick my butt more often than not.  I really love my schedule this semester because I don’t have any class or work on Fridays.  That means three day weekends every weekend!

I bought a used car over winter break, and absolutely love it.  It is a white 2011 Chevy Malibu with only 18,000 miles on it.  Unfortunately it recently needed a new battery, which thankfully was covered by the warranty. In other news, my family is getting a new puppy soon!  She is a little German shorthair who will have a new home at the beginning of March! I am very excited to go home for spring break and see her!!  Have a good week and stay warm!


Friday, January 18, 2013

Break is Over!

Hey Everyone!

Winter break has finally concluded and the first week of classes is almost done! Over winter break I worked in the Admissions Office, relaxed and went home to spend some quality time with my family. My brother visited from California for a week over Christmas time. It was so great to see him again! I spent most of my time back home with my family, we did not do anything too exciting, it was nice just to finally have some relaxation time. I received some really nice gifts for Christmas, new pots pans and cooking utensils, new clothes and money! After the holidays I returned to Mankato to work and prepare for the semester. This first week was pretty simple, just course introductions and some review from last semester for my dental hygiene program. I start seeing patients this semester and finally clean teeth! I am very nervous to get started with clinic, but I know that I will enjoy it once I get the hang of it.

For now,


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Half Way There!

Hey All!

I hope everyone had a really good couple of weeks off for the Holiday and New Year!! We started class already this week for this Spring Semester! I'm taking 18 credits again this semester and will be enjoying all the wonderful study time that will come with it! The end of this semester this will put me at the half mark with my 4 year Law Enforcement degree and I can’t believe it’s already here!

We had a month off for the Winter Break again this year which was really fun! The first week I worked in Admissions again as a Tour Guide, then enjoyed a week off. After the beginning of the New Year I went on my second cruise for 11 days. I spent two days in Miami, Florida and then went on the cruise. We visited four ports of call on this cruise. They were Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Curacao and then Aruba. It was such a blast but we arrived the night before classes started so I know I will be feeling the boat for sure!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polar "BRRR" Plunge!

Hey Bloggers!!!

My name is Kira and I am the newest member of the Student Ambassador executive board.  I am now the secretary (or treasurer, I think the official title changes depending on the week…) and am SO excited for my new leadership role within this awesome group!!!! I am a junior Chemistry Teaching major from Northfield, MN.  Along with Student Ambassadors I also work in the Admissions Office as a tour guide.  Ever since I went on my very first college visit I’ve wanted to be a tour guide so it’s the perfect job for me. Going into work is more fun than it is work!  I am also the co-president of Colleges Against Cancer.  Needless to say, I keep pretty busy, but I love it that way! 

I can’t believe Winter break is over and it’s already second semester!!!!!  Time has seriously flown by, I can’t believe it!  My winter break was great.  I was able to spend the whole four weeks in Northfield spending time with my family/friends, relaxing, and getting back into my red and khaki to work at Target.  The coolest thing I did over break was run the Polar Dash half marathon in St. Paul on New Years day.  The temperature was -2 but I finished with a new personal time record of 1:36:14, or 7:21 minute miles!!  Throughout my blogging you will find out that I am madly in love with running, and this was the absolute GREATEST way to start 2013!!!  I’m ready to take on the New Year!!!  Below is a picture of me after I finished 13.1 miles later…. BRRR!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic start to their New Year and semester!!  Thanks for reading my blog!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Keeping Busy

Hey Everybody!

This is the first week back and everything is hectic once again! Winter break just seemed to go by way too fast. Over break I spent a lot of time working at the Admissions Office and at the pharmacy. It was nice to get more hours in and make a little bit of extra money for the holidays. I was also able to spend time with my family. I feel like I never spend time with them so I was very excited to spend a week with them back home.
Other than celebrating the holidays, working, and spending time with family I found time to relax.
During the semester my schedule is crazy busy so I enjoy when I have some downtime. I spent time with my best friend Kayla also. We went to the mall and also attended a hockey game the weekend before the start of school.

With the start of the semester it means the start of new classes! This semester I have 17 credits, which will keep me busy. I am excited for my classes and looking forward to getting back in the routine of school. That’s all for now! Wish me luck in my first week back! : )

I'm Back!

Hello All!

I’m excited to be back for another year of blogging for the Student Ambassadors! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s, and are enjoying a great start to the New Year. I’m looking forward to a great semester!  I didn’t do a whole lot over break, saw some high school friends, went to a Timberwolves game, and loved getting to see family over the holidays. 

Although we didn’t get to go anywhere warm this winter, we did find out that my aunt is taking us to Aruba next year!  It is an island just north of Venezuela, and is only 20 miles long.  I’m very excited because not only do I love to travel, I am not a fan of winter!

This semester I am really getting into the upper level business classes, taking two accounting, two finance classes, and a marketing class.  It should be challenging, but I am looking forward to it! Have a great week!