Monday, April 8, 2013

Get Lucky!

For posting 3/22/2013

Hey Bloggers!

Happy Spring Break for anyone who is on it now!  Luckily for you it is a little warmer and sunnier than it was a few weeks ago.  The rest of myspring break was pretty much the same as the first part I blogged about before; lots of sleep, relaxation, and of course some studying!  The Get Lucky half marathon was really fun, but really cold!  It’s crazy that last year it was almost 80 degrees on St. Patrick’s Day and this year it was FREEZING!

Since coming back from break things have been crazy and will continue that way until the end of the semester.  I started my clinical hours for one of my education classes last Friday and will start the hours for my other class on Monday.  I am seriously SO excited to be in the classroom teaching and working with the cooperating teacher and students. 

MSU is really awesome because starting in Block 1 they put you in the classroom, so by the time you get to student teaching you are really comfortable being in the classroom and teaching lessons.  I’m currently in Block 2, so I’m still doing a lot of observation hours but I also have to plan and teach at least 3 lessons.  Every day is a reminder of how much I love chemistry and teaching and how excited I am for my future!!!!  For any bloggers who attend the Mankato Area schools, I may get the opportunity to work with you!  Make sure you tell me you read my blog. =)

That’s all for now, keep thinking warm and snow-less thoughts! =)


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