Friday, January 18, 2013

Break is Over!

Hey Everyone!

Winter break has finally concluded and the first week of classes is almost done! Over winter break I worked in the Admissions Office, relaxed and went home to spend some quality time with my family. My brother visited from California for a week over Christmas time. It was so great to see him again! I spent most of my time back home with my family, we did not do anything too exciting, it was nice just to finally have some relaxation time. I received some really nice gifts for Christmas, new pots pans and cooking utensils, new clothes and money! After the holidays I returned to Mankato to work and prepare for the semester. This first week was pretty simple, just course introductions and some review from last semester for my dental hygiene program. I start seeing patients this semester and finally clean teeth! I am very nervous to get started with clinic, but I know that I will enjoy it once I get the hang of it.

For now,


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