Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Gettin' Back in th Swing of Things

Hey Everyone!

Well spring break has come and gone but I had so much fun! As I have been saying for the last three months we went to Florida. My friends and I drove there, 24 hours later we arrived! It was so nice to see the beach and be in the warm weather for a change. I enjoyed lying on the beach and taking in all the sun.

Now that spring break is over it is back to school. I have been busy getting back into my schedule and going back to classes. I have also spent a lot of time planning out my last year of school next year with all of my classes! It is crazy to think that I will be graduating and moving on to something new.

I have also spent some time keeping up with our athletics on campus. Our men’s basketball and hockey teams did really well this year but unfortunately they are out of the tournament now, so I filled out my NCAA bracket and I am hoping for the best with that!

Happy spring everybody! : )

Jeni (right) and her cousin in Florida over Spring Break

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