Thursday, April 25, 2013

Teaching One on One

Hey Bloggers!

Happy almost end of April!  I can’t believe the end of classes is only two and a half weeks away.  I’m not ready for the end yet!  I can’t wait for summer but I still have so much to get done before my summer can start, I would actually like a few more weeks of class.  (Whew, NEVER thought I’d hear myself say that before!) 

Can we take a second to discuss how this “spring” weather has been super gross?  I am doing my field experience at Mankato West High school and we had a SNOW DAY a few weeks ago.  A snow day…. mid-April….. Now, I won’t complain about the day off, but I’m not super okay with there being that much snow in April.  I was ready to bust out my shorts and flip flops by the start of February so this has definitely been way too long of a winter.  One thing I love about MSU, however, is that almost all the buildings are connected, so with this gross weather I really never have to go outside once I get to campus.  Score!

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of studying, work, lesson planning, and teaching.  The days are flying by because they are so jam-packed with things to do!  I am learning so much by being in the classroom.  I know I’ve said this in at least two previous posts… but I cannot wait to become a teacher!!  Everyday my love for chemistry teaching grows, I love it!  With my field experiences I have started to teach more and more lessons, so I’m becoming so much more comfortable and confident in my abilities as both a chemist and a teacher. (Thank goodness because I don’t know what my back-up plan would have been if I decided I didn’t like chemistry teaching after all… probably a professional fro-yo eater since that’s my second greatest passion in life after teaching..) =)

Well, I’m off to do more lesson planning.  Chemistry BINGO reviews for tomorrow, woohoo!!  Thanks for reading my blog!


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