Monday, April 8, 2013

Birthday Bliss

Hey Everyone!

These past few weeks have been crazy busy! Like always I have spent a lot of time working on stuff for school, preparing for exams, and working. With all of that going on it is sometimes hard to find times to breathe! Although I have been busy I have found some time to do fun things as well.

My roommate celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago so we went to dinner and then bowling with a big group of us. It was nice to do something different, and we had a great time. We also had a social event for ambassadors this week. A fellow tour guide named Katelyn planned an event at Buffalo Wild Wings for the tour guides. She even got prizes for the people who came. It was a lot of fun. I also get to go to a Phillip Phillip’s concert! I bought the tickets three months ago and I have been counting down the hours until the concert so I am super excited!!!

That seems to be all for now. Time to get back to studying!

Until next time,

Jeni and her roommate Jenny on her birthday!

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