Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Best Has Yet to Come; Kayla's Blog

Hey Everyone,

This past week has been extremely busy with work and school! On Tuesday I had a 10 page literature review paper due for my Clinical Seminar course. Each student was able to research a topic related to the field of dental hygiene and had to write a review upon at least 10 scholarly articles that they found. My topic was focused on diabetes mellitus and its relationship to periodontal disease. It may seem boring to most, but a lot of my family members have some form of diabetes and I wanted to learn more about what it would mean for me as a hygienist when treating these patients. I also gave a 15 minute presentation on Wednesday to my class about the topic of diabetes and how it pertains to their dental treatment. Now that those two big projects are completed, I only have a few exams and quizzes before finals weeks. What a relief off of my shoulders!

Aside from the chaos of school, I worked with New Student and Family Programs on Friday for Transfer student orientation. I specifically aided students within the College of Allied Health and Nursing to register for their classes for the fall. Unfortunately, it is my second to last program, and after next Friday, I will no longer be helping out with orientation. I usually work for orientation during the summer months, but due to taking a summer class this year, I will be unable to continue the job.

This weekend I was extremely busy as well. Friday night I had my pinning ceremony for Dental Hygiene. The ceremony was held in honor of the junior class on (almost) completing their first year of the program, and for the senior class to congratulate them for their completion of the program. My parents, grandparents and boyfriend, Anthony, all attended to support me. After the ceremony, we went to a local restaurant, Tav on the Ave to celebrate, as I received a scholarship from the Allied Health and Nursing Alumni Foundation!

Although I enjoy a busy schedule and like being on-the-go, I came down with an awful cold this weekend and have been resting. School has been very stressful because finals week is soon approaching, but I need to focus on getting some better sleep and eating properly, even though sometimes I feel as if I do not have time to each a decent meal. Sometimes it is best to take a little break from the busy life, and relax in order to avoid the “burn-out.”

Until next time,
Kayla (middle) and her parents at the pinning ceremony

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