Monday, February 18, 2013

Chemistry to the 6th Power!

Hey Bloggers!

Week 5 already!  Boy is time flying by!  It’s hard to believe how fast the semester is going.  Things have been pretty low key the past few weeks.  I had my first big tests in some of my classes so I’m glad those are over with.  The first tests are always the hardest until you figure out how the professor tests, what to study, things like that, so it’s always a big relief when they are over! 
The coolest thing that happened to me recently though was an assignment I got to do for one of my education classes.  For the assignment I had to give a 10 minute lesson on something in my content area to a class of 6th graders.  Well, chemistry isn’t taught until high school, so I tried to teach the four types of chemical reactions in really basic terms.  To get the students to understand the material and get excited about chemistry I came up with some super fun ways to remember the four types of chemical reactions.  They involved strawberry banana smoothies, trail mix, brangelina/Jennifer Anniston, and square dancing.  How can you not love chemistry when it’s explained in those terms?!?!  Anyways, the coolest part about this assignment wasn’t the lesson plan, it was the students… It was a class of 6th graders, like I said, but they weren’t your typical 6th graders, they were virtual!!
 It was seriously some of the coolest technology I’ve ever witnessed.  It’s called a teachLIVE lesson and the students are produced out of the University of Texas.  They are projected onto a screen in a lab room and that’s how you teach them.  They are fully responsive and act just like real students though!!  It was SO cool!  I still don’t get how the technology works though.  Even though it was only a 10 minute lesson plan, I learned so much!  I’m so excited just thinking about it.  I can’t wait to get into a real classroom! 
That’s pretty much all the updates I have for now, I hope everyone has a great Valentines Day filled with lots of chocolate! :)


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