Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppy Love


I hope you have all made it through these arctic conditions and are now looking forward to spring as much as I am.  We are now past two weeks into the semester, and it is looking like it will be a good semester. I have one accounting class that will be extremely challenging, but I don’t think the other ones will be all that tough.  I’m hoping this will be my first semester where I don’t have to write a single paper, seeing that papers kick my butt more often than not.  I really love my schedule this semester because I don’t have any class or work on Fridays.  That means three day weekends every weekend!

I bought a used car over winter break, and absolutely love it.  It is a white 2011 Chevy Malibu with only 18,000 miles on it.  Unfortunately it recently needed a new battery, which thankfully was covered by the warranty. In other news, my family is getting a new puppy soon!  She is a little German shorthair who will have a new home at the beginning of March! I am very excited to go home for spring break and see her!!  Have a good week and stay warm!


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