Wednesday, May 8, 2013

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All the am-bams (Student Ambassadors) at their end of the year BBQ

Farewell From Jeni!

Hey Everyone!

Well finals week is upon us! That means no sleep, lots of coffee, and lots of studying for nearly every student on campus. This se
mester I have two finals on Monday and two finals on Wednesday and I am home free! I am so excited for a break from school; even it is for only a week before summer classes start.

This summer I am taking 11 credits. I have a physics course, medical terminology, and pharmacology. I am very excited for my pharmacology class because I find that topic very interesting. I will also be spending many hours working at the local pharmacy. Summer classes can be stressful, but I like them because you are typically only focusing on one or two classes at a time rather than 4 or 5 like during the school year.

In between all my studying and classes I found time for other things too. We had our end of the year BBQ for ambassadors and we had a blast. We were lucky because we got it done right before the May snowfall hit! I also helped my friend Kayla out with school by allowing her to clean my teeth in the dental hygiene clinic. In between all of those things my computer also broke down: (I had to use the IT center on campus to get it fixed, but it taught me a valuable lesson to always back your information up onto an external hard drive so you still have access to it!

I also had to say goodbye to my roommate Jenny this week. She is moving back home for the summer. We have lived together for two years and spend a lot of time together so it will be weird not having her around. I am so used to her always being there to go shopping with me or to procrastinate from homework with. Looks like I will have to start getting used to not procrastinating from now on. : )

Well that seems to wrap up my semester. Now it’s time for some relaxation. Have a good summer and see you in the fall!

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