Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Walkin' the Dogs

Hey Everyone!
Nothing much has changed since I returned from my spring break trip from Florida. The past few weeks I have had some midterm exams and projects due, and my clinical appointments are filling up. I have been busy with cleaning teeth, taking x-rays and making custom whitening -trays at the MSU Dental Clinic. Next year as new students to MSU, everyone should check out the clinic at some point during the year. We offer cleanings, x-rays, dental exams by a dentist, fluoride treatments and we even can perform certain fillings if you have cavities. The clinic provides services at low-costs compared to private practice clinics and we also accept many different dental insurance plans! It is a great opportunity to take advantage of, especially if you have to travel a long distance to get back to your clinic at home during the academic year!
Outside of class, I have been volunteering at the local animal shelter, Blue Earth and Nicollet County Human Society, or BENCHS. My boyfriend and I walk dogs most weekends on Sunday afternoons. It has been a great experience, not only do I get a little bit of exercise and fresh air, but the shelter dogs get much needed attention and playtime. I highly suggest walking dogs at the shelter if you are an animal lover, like the outdoors and want a highly enjoyable volunteer experience. The shelter has walking hours every week and weekend, all year round. If you are not into the outdoor scene, they also have opportunities to volunteer at the front desk or having some indoor play time with the animals.

Anthony and Kayla parasailing in Florida!
 I wish I could go back for a few more days to enjoy the sun and warm weather! =)

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