Monday, December 17, 2012





Ready to Cruise!

For posting on 12/14/2012

Good Morning-

The semester has officially ended! This past week was full of studying and finals. Two weeks ago consisted of ton of studying to get ready for those final grade helpers (Finals)! I got to register this past couple of weeks, it’s always fun trying to find classes that interest you and will fit into your schedule. Student Ambassadors has also ended for the semester.  We had our Holiday Party which was such a blast! We did a white elephant exchange, ate spaghetti and other amazing food! I'm ready for winter break to go and enjoy my cruise to the Carribean.

Last week was the Funeral for Cold Spring Officer Thomas "Tommy" Decker and it was the sixth Law Enforcement funeral that I have attended. It was so sad to see a young officer die in the line of duty. It was really cool to see all the different officers again form different counties, states, cities and countries.

Also, last week I got to work the K102 St. Judes 20th Anniversity Radiothon. It’s so interesting to work to see all the support that they receive. There are so many cool things that they give out like fly away trips to the CMA Awards, the iHeart Radio Festivals and many more!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and will talk to you next semester.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cristen's Countdown to Graduation!

Hey Bloggers!

I can’t believe I am writing my last blog ever!  Last Tuesday was my last meeting serving as Ambassador president.  However, I’m very happy to be handing my position over to Jeni Carmody (our former Vice President) for the next year; she’ll do amazing!  For our last meeting all of the Ambassadors got together and had an ugly sweater Christmas party.  We had spaghetti and some delicious desserts!

The Christmas party got me really excited for Christmas break!  I just finished my last week of classes and now I just have to make it through finals.  I only have three and they are pretty spread out throughout the week so I’m not too worried.  It will be so nice to be on break and have a little more time to relax and hangout with friends.  I don’t have any big plans for break but I think I might go skiing and I’ll definitely be hanging out at the rock wall more often!  It’s weird to think that once break is over I’ll be starting my last semester of college here at MSU.  It’s such a mix of emotions but I can’t wait!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and it’s been a great experience blogging to you all this semester!


It's That Time Again!

Hey Bloggers,

Well this is it; Finals week.  The week that begins as the most stressful and ends with shouts of joy- At least that’s what happens in my case.  I have three finals to study for, two of which are comprehensive.  I started studying last Wednesday, so hopefully by the time of the tests I’ll feel a bit more prepared.  Other than the tests, there isn’t really anything else left to do for the semester except study.  That is the one upside to finals week!

 We also recently had our student ambassador Christmas party, where the executive team made spaghetti for everyone.  It was a lot of fun and a good end to a good semester of tour giving! (Picture included and yes that is me with the awesome sweater vest and shades)  I’m excited to go home for winter break and see everyone.  I haven’t been to the Holidazzle Parade in a long time so we are going to find time to do that! We still don’t have too much snow, but that is just fine with me! Have a good week!!


Jake (top row, far right) with the MSU Student Ambassadors at their Holiday Party

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jeni Takes on Finals Week!

Hey Everybody!

Well the end of the semester is finally here! It is finals week and it’s a full of exams and studying. The nice thing about finals week is that they rearrange the whole university schedule so you may not even have to have finals every day of the week. This year I have a final in every single one of my classes, meaning I have 5 finals total. I am counting down the hours until I am completed with all of them!

Other than finals and studying I have been doing some other fun activities too. This year the MSU football team has been doing very well! I went to the first round of the championship game when we played against Missouri and we won! It was so much fun! That night I went with Kira to get our picture taken with Santa on campus. We plan on enlarging the picture and hanging it in our new apartment! : )

I have also been busy studying for my certification exam for pharmacy technicians. I plan on taking it over winter break so hopefully all will go as planned! I am taking the exam with two other girls I work with so I am hoping we will all pass. I have also been busy researching pharmacy schools and making sure I have all of my pre requisite courses completed.

Well that is all for now! Look for me next semester when we are back in school and blogging starts up again! Happy Holidays!! : )

Jeni (left) and Kira

Monday, December 10, 2012

Kayla+Finals Week= Retail Therapy! =)


Finals week has arrived and not only does this mean I will be busy with exams, but the end of the semester is here. I cannot believe how fast this fall term has flown by, it seems like just yesterday I was receiving all of my instruments and supplies, and feeling overwhelmed by all of the things I would be learning within my program. Although it may seem like a stressful time, because I have been taking numerous exams and spending an abundance of time studying throughout this semester, I believe that finals will go very well this year. I have already taken two out of six finals, one of them last Friday and one this morning.

Aside from exams, after this week is over I am driving up to the cities for the weekend to spend time with my boyfriend and his family and taking a trip to Mall of America for a little retail therapy! I will be working at the Admissions Office over winter break to earn some extra spending money as well. During my break, I have signed a contract with the Department of Dental Hygiene, in which I have promised to study and practice with my instruments during the month we have off of school. It may seem boring and unnatural to have homework over break, but this extra practice will assist me when I start clinic in the spring. I will finally be able to clean patients’ teeth and utilize skills that I will use for the rest of my career as a Dental Hygienist!

Other plans that I have for my month break are spending some extra time with my family. My brother is able to travel home to Wisconsin from where he is stationed in California for Christmas; it will be exciting to see him again! I also intend to finally go snowboarding here in Mankato; we have a ski hill called Mount Kato and I may pay a visit to Trollhaugen ski resort back in Wisconsin where my parents live. Either way, whatever I do over winter break will be relaxing.

I want to thank you all for reading my blog this semester, I will return in January to tell you all about my break and how my clinical experiences go. Have a safe and Happy Holiday season and I will see you all again in a month!
Our “Family” Christmas card, this should bring some laughs to my family and friends! (Anthony, Bella the cat and I)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cruise'n Along!

For Post 11/30/2012


I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday last week! It was really nice to have a couple of days off before finals week. Finals week is coming up really quick and will be here before we know it. I get to register for spring semester this week so that will be really exciting to be finally half way done! I got another job working in admissions as a Student Outreach Caller, which has been a blast! We get to call prospective students interested in attending Minnesota State University, Mankato in the fall.

It’s just a little bit over a month until I get to go on my cruise and spend two days in Miami! This will be my second cruise which will be a blast! There are many different programs that students can attend through the university as study abroad programs. A lot of students like to attend the different universities in Australia. To look at different study abroad programs and more information go to:

Thanks everyone and have a great week!!