Friday, March 15, 2013

Marathon Madness!

Happy Spring break bloggers!!

It seems like a week ago that I was saying “happy start of the semester”, and now here we are at Spring Break!  Whew!  These past few weeks have been super busy with school and studying.   Mid-term time!  Glad those are over.  I am currently in my senior seminar for Chemistry (although I won’t graduate until next Spring) and last week I had my big research presentation.  It was really stressful up until last week, but now it feels SO good to have that huge project out of the way!  More time to focus on all my other classes now. 

So far my spring break has been super laid back and relaxing.  Last weekend was “Rock-n-Roll Revival” in my hometown and my twin sister came back home too so we could see it together.  It was such a great production!!!!  It’s put on once every two years and it’s one of my all time favorite things to go see!  I wish I could sing and dance so that I could have participated in it during high school.  Otherwise I have just been hanging out and trying to catch up on some sleep.  I make sure I do an hour or two of studying or homework a day, but apart from that I’m trying to take a break from all my school work!  =)  On Saturday I’m running another half marathon, which I’m really excited for!  It’s the “Get Lucky” half marathon in Minneapolis. 

Since coming back from Winter break I really haven’t trained at all, so I know it’s going to be my slowest half marathon time yet, but I’m really excited to kick start my Spring training with this race!  Also, since it’s St. Patrick Day themed I’m planning on running it in a green tutu!! =)  One item on my bucket list is to run a half marathon in a tutu (and one dressed as a princess) so I will be able to cross that off on Saturday!
I hope everyone enjoys their Spring break!  If you go somewhere warm feel free to bring the warm weather back with you! =)


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