Friday, March 1, 2013

The Panama City Beach Countdown starts... NOW!

Happy March everyone!

       I cannot believe how fast the semester is flying by! It seems like just yesterday I was relaxing on winter break and now I am seeing actual patients in dental hygiene clinic and it is almost time for spring break. Maybe the reason for the time passing by so quickly is because I have been so busy lately.

       School and work takes up most of my day, then I usually go to the gym for an hour, then home to eat dinner and study. The Admissions Office has been hosting many different Open Houses and Saturday Preview Days so I have also been very busy with tours the past few weeks. Hopefully all of you prospective students out there have gotten the opportunity to visit campus and learn what MSU is all about. My absolute favorite part about participating in tours and different prospective student events is talking with the students and their families. I love learning where everyone is from and why they want to attend school at MSU and become a Maverick!

       Although my life may seem very structured with work, school, studying and volunteering, I am counting down the last 7 days until I will be on my way to Panama City Beach, Florida for spring break! I know I mentioned it before, but I will be going with some of my friends for a week of relaxation. My parents are visiting this weekend, I feel extremely bad for not being home at all this semester, but I have been so busy and have not had a lot of free time lately. It will be nice to see them again, even though we talk on the phone every week, it is nice to be able to spend time with them in person as well.
For now,


Panama City Beach, FL (unfortunately I have not been there yet, photo courtesy of

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