Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Watch Out World, I'm 22 Now!

Hey Everybody!

 It is midterm time at MSU and that means lots of exams, presentations, and papers. I have been studying a lot and focusing on getting my assignments done sooner rather than later. I tend to procrastinate and then do everything at once so it’s important for me to space my assignments out and get things done in a timely manner. Other than studying I have done a couple of fun things too!
 Last week was the National College Fair in Minneapolis. I got to attend as a student representative and talk to all sorts of prospective students and let them know all the great things about MSU. It was so much fun! Check out the picture of Kayla and I below  Last week was also my birthday! I turned 22 and went out to eat with some friends. It was fun and nice to take a break from focusing on school for a while. Well that’s all for now!

Jeni (right) and Kayla at the National College Fair


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