Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Huzzah!!... That Should Get Your Attention =)


The temperatures are starting to drop, and I am not a fan.  We haven’t had snow yet, but it probably won’t be too long, at which point my mood plummets.  Besides the weather, I’ve had a pretty good week.  My group and I in one of my classes had to give a pitch on why the class shouldn’t have to take a competency exam, in front of a lecture hall full of people.  The professor of course waited to tell us his decision until the end of class, but it all worked out and now we don’t have to take the test!'

Last Tuesday, I went with a few other Student Ambassadors to the National College Fair in Minneapolis.  It is the largest college fair in the nation, and approximately 25,000 students were expected to attend!  I drove up with the other ambassadors, had a lot of fun, and got to interact with many perspective students!  Hope you are enjoying this weather more than I am!


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