Friday, November 2, 2012

Keeping Busy!


We are getting busy at the Admission's Office, we had several Fall Open Houses these past couple of weeks! It’s great to see tons of prospective students touring our University. It's always nice to see people interested in a college that I love! We have about another month or so until the end of the semester, this semester had gone by so fast! My classes are going really well and they are a lot of fun! I really enjoy my major because all the professors are former Law Enforcement Officers and they get to share real life experiences.

We went dog walking last week for Student Ambassadors, we had one dog for 10 of us! Her name was Annie and she was huge, but she didn’t like other dogs or cats. We had so much fun just bonding with the ambassadors that showed up. It was nice to get to know the new ambassadors while being in the group for a while, it is really great to see others that are involved! 

I also worked the Mankato Marathon as medical support. It was so much fun seeing thousands of runners out on the course. I worked at the Finish Line and we only saw 41 patients which is amazing compared to how many runners and not one made it to the ER so good job guys!

Thanks for reading my blog and Have an amazing weekend!

Nick B.

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