Friday, November 16, 2012

Cruise'n Along!

Hey Everyone- 

Things at MSU are going so great! In the Admissions office we have seen so many people this last month, it’s crazy here!! It’s so good to see other people interested in attending MSU! My classes are going really well, I have been using the library a lot more now because of finals are right around the corner. My horseback riding class just ended last week, so I have one of the six done. I can’t believe that we were jumping horses, it was so much fun.

Now the journey to look for someplace to live next year is a challenge with my schedule but it’s nice to look at different places around Mankato. I got some really good news this past week that I'm going to be going on another cruise over winter break! We will be leaving Minneapolis on the 3rd of January and will be back on the 13th of January. We are going to spend two days in Miami, Florida before the cruise! We are going to be ported in Grand Turk, Dominican Republic, Aruba and the Curacao. I'm so excited!! I have a couple of pictures below from my last cruise in May.

Have a great weekend!    

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