Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jeni's Blog: Busy College Life

Hey Everybody!

This week is a hectic one. It is the fifth week of school so that means exams are starting. I have two exams this week so that means a lot of studying and a lot of late nights. I have tried to keep up and study every day but sometimes it can be hard when you have so much going on. Hopefully all the studying will pay off though, I want to make sure I do really well on the first exams in the class so then I won’t have to worry so much!

Other than studying lots of other fun things have been going on! Last week was the first admitted student open house. I was a member of the panel and helped give tours of the campus. I am also busy with meetings for all the different organizations I am in so there is never a dull moment. I have also spent some time with my roommates. We are always together, whether we spend time studying or if we decide to make crafts for our apartment. Check out the picture of us below!
Jeni (middle) and her roommates


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  2. Thank you Alicia, It all has to do with time management. I'm sure once she gets a handle on her schedule she will be able to find more times for activities. Continue to read the blogs; they are very helpful for students trying to see how other students manage their time for academics and activities! =)