Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Hey Bloggers!

I hope you have all been staying as busy as I have.  This past week was crazy busy but a lot of fun.  I was swamped with schoolwork, tests, work, and all of my extracurricular activities last week but it all paid off because at the end of the week I got to go to the Timeflies concert!  I’m not sure if any of your have heard their music, but you all need to listen to one of their songs… they’re great!  They performed in the cities last weekend so my roommates and I decided to go.  It’s so nice that Mankato is only about an hour away from the cities because it is so easy to take a weekend trip up there.

This week I am pretty busy with classes but what I’m most nervous about is my Spanish play.  This semester I am in an acting Spanish course and we are performing two of the plays we read this semester.  I actually have a pretty big part and if memorizing lines in English wasn’t hard enough, you should try doing it in Spanish!  Our play is called, “El Retablo de las Maravillas”.  It’s a comedy about Chanfalla and Chirinos, two tricksters who come to this town and fool all of the townspeople into believing that they are true magicians. 

I hope you all have a great week!  I’ll make sure to let you all know how the play went… keep your fingers crossed I don’t forget my lines!


Cristen (top row, third from left) and her friends at the Timeflies concert

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