Monday, January 9, 2012

Meet Jacob: Jacob's Blog

My name is Jake Rabusch and I am a freshman majoring in accounting here at MSU Mankato. 
With school starting again this week, I have to start trying to turn my brain on again.  I just got back from a vacation to Costa Rica with my family, aunts family, and other aunt as well.  There were 11 of us total, and it was a great way to spend the holidays.  We zip-lined, snorkeled, surfed, and took in a lot of sun.  I’m still getting used to looking out the window and seeing snow instead of rain forest. I have enjoyed that the temps haven't gotten too low yet this winter.

My brother and sister went back to school last week, so I'm spent the last week of break with the house to myself.  I went up to watch my girlfriend play basketball in Morris on last Wednesday.  That was kind of the last big thing I did before the spring semester started up!

(Surfing in Costa Rica)

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