Monday, January 23, 2012

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Hello Again!

The first couple of weeks of the new semester are done, and it looks like the rest of the year will flow pretty smoothly. I somehow avoided Friday classes this semester, and since last Monday was MLK Jr. Day, I had a nice four day weekend which I spent at home with family (no complaints here). The weather did turn awfully frigid when I got back, so if I was going to complain about something that would be it. However it is Minnesota so I’ll refrain myself.

I’m in the process of mapping out which classes to take and where in order to graduate. This is something I highly advise you to do once you have decided on a major.  It’s easy to just close your eyes and point your finger at a list of classes to decide which ones to take, but knowing which classes have prerequisites and when classes are offered take play a large part in when you will be able to take them. This also makes it much easier come registration time, because you don’t have to stress out about which classes you need/want.

Stay warm and stay classy.
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