Monday, December 3, 2012

Cruise'n Along!

For Post 11/30/2012


I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday last week! It was really nice to have a couple of days off before finals week. Finals week is coming up really quick and will be here before we know it. I get to register for spring semester this week so that will be really exciting to be finally half way done! I got another job working in admissions as a Student Outreach Caller, which has been a blast! We get to call prospective students interested in attending Minnesota State University, Mankato in the fall.

It’s just a little bit over a month until I get to go on my cruise and spend two days in Miami! This will be my second cruise which will be a blast! There are many different programs that students can attend through the university as study abroad programs. A lot of students like to attend the different universities in Australia. To look at different study abroad programs and more information go to:

Thanks everyone and have a great week!!

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