Monday, December 17, 2012

Ready to Cruise!

For posting on 12/14/2012

Good Morning-

The semester has officially ended! This past week was full of studying and finals. Two weeks ago consisted of ton of studying to get ready for those final grade helpers (Finals)! I got to register this past couple of weeks, it’s always fun trying to find classes that interest you and will fit into your schedule. Student Ambassadors has also ended for the semester.  We had our Holiday Party which was such a blast! We did a white elephant exchange, ate spaghetti and other amazing food! I'm ready for winter break to go and enjoy my cruise to the Carribean.

Last week was the Funeral for Cold Spring Officer Thomas "Tommy" Decker and it was the sixth Law Enforcement funeral that I have attended. It was so sad to see a young officer die in the line of duty. It was really cool to see all the different officers again form different counties, states, cities and countries.

Also, last week I got to work the K102 St. Judes 20th Anniversity Radiothon. It’s so interesting to work to see all the support that they receive. There are so many cool things that they give out like fly away trips to the CMA Awards, the iHeart Radio Festivals and many more!

Thanks everyone for reading my blog and will talk to you next semester.


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