Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Break with Jake

Hello All!!! 

We are on a much needed spring break this week, although in Buffalo where I am from it sure doesn’t feel like spring with all the snow we have.  In Mankato there is no snow, just a lot of puddles, seeing that instead of snow it rained for a couple days.  Classes are starting to pick up a little, and a lot of people had midterms last week.  I didn’t have any of those, but did have a few quizzes and a speech on Social Security.

A couple weekends ago I went up to Gustavus because one of my high school friends had a game there, so I got to see him and a few other friends I hadn’t seen in a couple months which was nice.  Last Tuesday was National Pancake Day, so a few friends and I made pancakes to celebrate!!  What else would you have on National Pancake Day?  Hope you all have a fun and safe week!

Jake (second in fron left) and friends at the game

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