Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nick's Blog

Hello Bloggers,
We are over half way through the semester and time is flying by! Spring Break was an amazing time; I worked two days, worked the Admitted Open House, and just hung out with friends. I hope everyone had or is currently having an amazing spring break also!!
The semester is going so fast! My EMT Class is coming to the point to study for the State and National Exam. I started a new class a week ago call Horsemanship, which is a Horseback Riding class. It has been such a blast getting back into the saddle and enjoying riding around. This semester has been so amazing and fun.
I'm really getting excited for my cruise that is coming up here in May. I'm counting down the days for a nice long vacation and enjoying a nice warm place!
Well Good Luck in your guys test and rest of the school year, Ill check back and fill you in next week how everything is going.

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