Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Let the Good Times Roll: Jeni's Blog

Hey Everybody!
                This week has been crazy busy so far! My roommates both celebrated their birthdays, so there was lots of eating out and celebrating! It was nice to get together with all of our friends but it also didn’t leave much time for studying and schoolwork! Other than lots of celebrating I have been busy preparing for my interview in the admissions office. Even though I already work in the office I have to be rehired to work there again next year. I have been busy preparing a presentation and debating on what to wear for my interview!
                I have also been making time to enjoy the nice weather! Sometimes it’s hard to get outside when there is so much to do but I like to make time to go on walks with Kayla and some other friends. As always look for me when you come into the office! J That’s all for now!

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