Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Farewell from Jake

Hey Bloggers!

Well, this is it. The last time I get to bore you all with my horribly entertaining life.  I had one final today another one Friday. I also have a public speech forum for a class in which I am the moderator, meaning I get to introduce the people who are actually giving speeches.  But seeing that this replaces the final in that class, no complaints will be heard from me!

The other day there was an event outside, where they served dinner and had things to do.  A friend and I went through the blow up obstacle course a few times, at the price of a few nice floor-burn like injuries. I’ve had a lot of fun the past year, but I’m ready to get home for a while.  Having said that, I am not dreading coming back for next year at all. There are more memories and, friends to be made! Have a good summer everyone!!!

Jake Rabusch
Jake on the obstacle course

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