Friday, May 4, 2012

Have a Great Summer: Nick's Farewell

Hello Blog Readers-

I hope everyone is having a great week, I know I'm having a pretty good one!! We just finished up finals week and I still can’t believe that my Freshman year of College is done. I'm all registered for next fall and
I can’t wait to start my sophomore year, then I'll be half way done with my degree!

My EMT class is all over with and I hope I pass the test at the end of May so I can start working on an ambulance to help out others. All my classes this semester have been a really good, but I'm glad that they are done because a couple of them were really hard.

My cruise is coming up really fast, just two weeks left and I can’t wait to experience this amazing trip. I'll be working at Bunker Beach this summer in the Concessions area. It will be interesting because I have never worked in either place before!!

CONGRATS to the new first year “Class of 2012”! Good luck with your first year of college this fall! It will be an amazing experience and you will enjoy every minute of it!!
Thanks everyone for reading my blogs this semester and I’ll talk to you guys next fall!!


Nick (orange shirt) and friends

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